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Ohio Limo assures the finest transportation

Since 1981, Ohio Limo has been the company that has taken care of West Central Ohio in the transportation service. It has also been a dealer for sales since 1986. Ohio Limo’s central location is about an hour from both Columbus and Dayton International Airports. Ohio Limo assures the finest transportation for five differing centers throughout all of Westward and Central Ohio, renting limousines, limo-buses, and fancy sedans for numerous different events including weddings, birthdays, proms, beer and wine tours, sporting events, or any special occasion. Ohio Limo also distributes luxury RV’s, classic cars, motorcycles, trailers and other vehicles. Their experience and intelligence in the transportation industry is quite immense, so they always provide aid and support for shipping insurance and financing through many of their contacts developed since 1981.  Lima Limo was originally formed as an adjunct from Pace Mobile DJ & Entertainment.  The company started with a single limousine and the company developed within about three years to where Ohio Limo was established to provide the Central Ohio area. In 1986, a dealer license was created so that Ohio Limo could contain the capability to possess, distribute and trade.  Due to the purchase of an automobile, Ohio Limo started to provide an Operations and Marketing Manual for free. This contained specific forms and information regarding the Industry so that customers could obtain a greater chance to attain a more efficient return on their investment. Aergo International, a design subsidiary, was created to emerge the awareness developed over the years from the rentals and sales to be involved in the development of limousines and limo-buses. Because of the internet, OhioLimo.com has also been able to develop immense sales and important contacts throughout the United States and even internationally as well. Ohio Limo and Lima-Limo still provide valuable transportation for a great deal of different events with limousines, limo-buses, and sedans for the West Central part of Ohio. Ohio Limo constantly offers their products around the world which not only involves limousines and buses, but also expands into the sales of RV’s, classic cars, motorcycles, trailers and other vehicles. They offer aid not only in the transportation industry but also assist with shipping information insurance and finance due to numerous contacts developed.