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Are We Wired for Beauty?

The science community is busy investigating the mechanisms and processes by which people are able to perceive the world around them and make visual sense of it. There are many …

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How to Clean your Paint Brushes after Oil Painting: Brush Cleaning 101

An artist’s most valuable tools are his or her brushes, and to keep a paintbrush lasting as long as possible it’s important to get all the paint out of the …

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9 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Have Their Own Art Blog

Many artists have been successfully blogging for years, whether by writing articles like I do or publishing images of their own artwork on a daily or weekly basis. In fact, …

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Moving With Kids? Make It Easy With Good Packers and Movers

People prefer home shifting when their kids are on vacation. The process of shifting is itself very stressful and moving with kids makes it more difficult. When your kids are …

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Maintenance Tips for your Washer

Water-fill hoses Over time, the water hoses that came with your new washing machine may leak or burst. It’s a good preventive maintenance practice to check these hoses from time …

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Subjective art

It might be a new term but it is not completely unknown. Subjective art is the creativity or artistry that is done to show the inner state of an artist. …

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Art and Youth

It is important to throw light on the characteristics of youth and that of art before we begin to appreciate their beautiful synchronization. We go through different phases in our …

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Here’s looking at: Dibirdibi Country – Topway by Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori

Ian McLean, University of Wollongong The names of Indigenous artists are often as revealing as the names of their paintings. Traditionally Indigenous people accumulate names, beginning with names of places …

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Ohio Limo assures the finest transportation

Since 1981, Ohio Limo has been the company that has taken care of West Central Ohio in the transportation service. It has also been a dealer for sales since 1986. …

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Passion – this is what drives a person to be an expert or get successful in any of their respective fields. Passion is what drove Leonardo to become the best …

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