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How to Decorate Your Office

When it comes to buying art, nothing can be more fun, or more aggravating, than designing and decorating an office space. Your office is different than your home. It needs …

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How to Start Buying and Investing in Art

University College London recently conducted a survey that found looking at aesthetically pleasing works of art has the same impact on the brain as falling in love with a person. …

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Art for Everyone: 10 Reasons to Love Framed Prints

Forever planning to make your first original art purchase, and life’s unexpected expenses keep getting in the way? Are you trying to balance Tiffany taste with Target pockets? Were you finally ready …

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Paintings For The Future: Shannon Finley at Jessica Silverman Gallery

If you get up close to searchartdirectory’s paintings, on view at searchart Gallery, you’ll catch a glimpse of the warp and weft of the canvas beneath all that color. It’s …

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