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Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Drawing Heads and Faces

Learning how to draw faces and heads is among the most challenging tasks for any artist. Even small errors are immediately noticeable. To draw a convincing human head, you need …

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Madrid Nopales con buho

How Real Magic Gets On Canvas

Acrylic Paint Brushes, Layers & More Get You to the Sweet Spot Neighborhood scenes have been the main focus of Nina Davidowitz’s artwork for nearly 15 years. “I’m fascinated with …

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How Encouragement and Inspiration Lead to Better Artists

Teachers Influence Your Artistic Legacy All my life I’ve been blessed with the best teachers I could hope for. First, my uncle Herbert with his Ph.D. from Harvard in English …

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Before You Try to Sell Your Art, Know These Things

When you place a price on your work, your client will value it according to how much they pay for it. There is a very wide range of prices to …

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How to Safely Transport Art Prints

Whether you have purchased prints and want to bring them home or you are transporting prints to a show or gallery, you want to make sure that they will arrive …

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5 Times Artists Put Themselves at Risk For Their Craft

Everyone loves passionate artists, particularly those who are not afraid to take on risks for the sake of art. When it comes to taking risks, artists may not be in …

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5 Artists Whose Career Ended Too Soon

The frenzied energy and dedication required to create works of fine art do not come without cost. Often, at the end of completing a masterpiece, the artist is left emotionally …

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Before Selling Your Art thing you need to know

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to earn money with your art? Have you already taken some commissioned work, but aren’t sure how it should really be …

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Hand Drawing Made Simple

Drawing the human hand takes almost as much knowledge, skill and experience as drawing the entire rest of the figure. However, when drawing the hand, you can adapt many of …

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Learn How to Draw People

It’s no secret that learning how to draw people is an essential, timeless lesson in an artist’s development; figurative drawings continue to be among the most popular subjects in art schools and …

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