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Passion – this is what drives a person to be an expert or get successful in any of their respective fields. Passion is what drove Leonardo to become the best artist the world has ever witnessed and it’s the same passion that made Michelangelo make the Sistine Chapel. Whatever be the field, an inner drive to learn it completely and excel in it is what is required from us. If art is what drives you; if looking at an art piece you think and feel you want to do it and you have what it takes to be an artist; Well then, this blog is a must read for you.
Firstly to defy and deny all those talent-mongers, art isn’t an in-born talent. It’s a skill anyone can acquire with persistence. Being a successful artist is a three step procedure. If you are willing to do what it takes, you’ve already completed the first step. And if you are even halfway decent, you surely have the potential to be much better.
The first basic step is persistence. You need to practice– A LOT. Giving a minimum of one hour per day is the least you can do. No breaks, no days off, no sick leaves or any excuse of any manner. That one hour of your day has to be solely and fully dedicated to art. It’s not to draw a few sketches on a piece of paper and say it was practicing. Trust me on this, if you act like this, you’ll fail. Being an artist is about making art as a part of your life, making art your habit.
A habit, as they say, has three parts- Cue, Routine, reward. For art, the routine part is the practice session. The cue really depends on the individual. Lastly, we have- the reward. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s a way to punch in dopamine into gear and enjoy your time. A few enjoy sharing what they’ve made. Remember your childhood when you used to show your mom what you drew as so as you drew it. Well, internet is just another platform to do so.
Now coming back to the main part of practicing, one must follow the 80/20 rule to art and the most relevant thing you can learn is to recreate on the paper, what you see with your eyes. That’s the basic skill to be learned. It takes years to master as the objects get more and more complex but the basics must be clear. For the beginners out there, I would take the liberty to start their basics and clear their fundamentals by going through some books that can really be a great help. Want to go deeper and further? Well in that case your next step is duplication. Not to worry; it’s nothing what you perhaps think of. This step involves taking a painting or drawing by a dead famous painter and trying your best to recreate it. The last step is public accountability. Overcome fear of failure and show the world what you’ve got.